What are the dates the contest or sweepstake is open?

Typical contests and sweepstakes start at 12:01AM ET and end at 11:59PM ET on specific dates. While most run for a few months, they can be as short as just a few days. ...Read More

Why use contest marketing?

Build Email List - Have someone to sell your product to Develop Social Followers - Have people pay attention to what you’re brand is doing Gather Data - Find out more about your consumers Brand Awareness - Create chatter about your brand, services and/or products Distribute Coupons - To encourage trials and sales Create Brand Buzz - Because word of mouth is still the most trusted source Encourage Website Visits - Brand (re)discovery, remaining top-of-mind leads to sales Reasonable Cost Content - It provides your brand with something to hype/talk about Valuable Marketing Research - The more you know about your target market, the better Social interactions - Consumers enjoy brands that engage and recognize them ...Read More

What are Contestors and how can they benefit my contest marketing program?

Contestors are people who regularly participate in online contests and sweepstakes marketed by companies to promote their brand. Contestors are regular people and they buy products too. In fact, Contestors make for more loyal consumers and can make fantastic brand advocates. Contestors also support your contest by promoting your contest on dedicated sweepstakes and contest sites. These sites, some with over 100,000 visitors per month, are added value media that drive additional consumers to your campaign. ...Read More

Will all contest participants be within my target demographic?

No, your contest will draw attention to Contestors. While a portion of your entrants will be Contestors, a portion of the additional traffic they bring to your contest will be in your target demographic. Keep in mind that no media vehicle is 100% targeted. While these sweepstakes and contest sites are not as targeted as some traditional media, the media is FREE and the additional exposure will get your contest and brand seen by more people, increasing brand awareness. Contest marketing will help you reach the right people in a cost effective manner. ...Read More

What is social sharing?

Social sharing is the practice of sharing content from a website on a social media site or application. Social sharing is a critical point of a solid contest marketing platform. SHARE & WIN contests are usually the most effective style for marketers. Finding new prospects or those who indicate they are interested in your product and service are best engaged through social sharing (friend-to-friend) as 85% of all people trust the referral of a friend. ...Read More

What user data will I receive by running a contest marketing program?

First and last name Address Email Gender Age Location via postal code Programs can also be utilized to gather additional information for testing and or sale. Prospect opinions can be harvested on various items such as brand, competitors, and pricing levels, just about anything you need to learn about your consumers. ...Read More

How many survey questions should I ask?

It’s recommended that you limit most contest marketing survey questions to a maximum of five, yet we suggest three. Never ask questions you don’t intend on actioning over the next three to six months. ...Read More

What kind of prize should I give away?

Prizing is a critical step. Ensuring you have a product that is valuable to your email list and social following is a must. If possible, it’s recommended that the prize is a product or service provided by your company. If you are in the sewing machine business then offer up a sewing machine, as it will appeal to your user group and engage prospects and those interested in sewing. If the prize is too generic in nature, while you might get opt-ins, they may be of a lesser quality as they might not care for any of the products or services you offer. Prizing can also be considered as coupons as a purchase incentive and can be used as a secondary prize for all entrants. Focus on the end, what do you hope to accomplish? Your contest marketing program can provide many incentives to drive in store traffic, sales or even a complete online sales process. ...Read More

What should I do after the contest has run its course?

Running a contest is critical to building and developing leads (or what we call lead generation), however, the next step may be the most important. Here are some things to consider after your contest has finished: Social posting – sharing, comment, click and reward Promote the results – social ads, social posting, add to newsletter Email – share the results via email, invite them for a social LIKE Offer – why not prepare a special offer for participants? ...Read More

What about prize fulfillment?

After validating the winner(s) and securing affidavits of eligibility from potential winners, it is time for the big event, to award the prize. Whether it's the delivery of a simple cash prize where you do not want to be involved, to an event with full media coverage, we can help. We procure, warehouse, ship and deliver prize pools of any tier. ...Read More

What is required to running a contest in Quebec?

Filing the rules and creative copy 30 days before contest launch; translating contest rules; paying a duty to the Regie in Quebec (which depends on where the contest is open, but if Canada-wide is 3% of prize value); and a filing on the completion* of the contest with a notice of prize awards, winners, etc. *The post filing is only required if the total prize value exceeds $2,000. There is also some specific language that needs to be included in contest rules for contests open in Quebec and it can also be prudent to run a contest concept by Quebec counsel before launching a promotion to check any other specific requirements in Quebec. We have partners who handle legal counsel as well as rules and regulations writing that complies with Quebec contest law (Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux) including: Pre and Post communications with the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux: Registration of promotion. Submission of forms. Coordination of any security bonds required of the sponsor. Upon completion of a program, submission of closing forms. Upon completion of program, release of any security bonds applied. Administration of tax payment to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux. *   It is always our recommendation that rules & regulations be reviewed by your legal counsel. Should you require review by our legal counsel; a separate quote will be provided. National or Regional Promotion (including Quebec): $1,500.00 National or Regional Promotion (excluding Quebec): $1,250.00 ...Read More

What about prize insurance?

You may sometimes require to purchase contingency reinsurance to cover you against over redemption or a potentially large pay out. ...Read More