How are the winners decided?

Depending on the contest or sweepstake, winners are typically drawn at random based on the number of entries they have. This is done via special software that automates the process. In the case of a photo contest, winners are usually decided by the public purely based on votes. In other cases winners may be determined based on a panel of judges looking for specific criteria in a submission. ...Read More

Where can I obtain more information about the contest/sweepstakes?

Information for each promotion is available on the individual contest or sweepstakes home page, official rules or via an FAQ page. ...Read More

How do I know my entry has been submitted?

You will see a "Thank You" message following a successful entry. Depending on the contest or sweepstakes, you will also receive an autoresponder email with entry confirmation. ...Read More

Why can’t I use my PO box address to register or claim my prize?

Your home address allows us to identify your residence for eligibility purposes. ...Read More

I think I’m having technical issues. What should I do?

Sometimes it's a simple thing like updating your browser. Check to be sure that you have a modern version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari. You may also want to check your browser preferences section to make sure JavaScript is enabled. ...Read More

Why do I need to answer a skill testing question if I win a prize and am a Canadian resident?

In Canada, games of pure chance are prohibited as illegal lotteries under the Criminal Code.  By adding in a skill-testing question, this makes a sweepstakes appear as a contest and is therefore considered a game of skill which is legal. Often the skill-testing question will appear at the time of confirmation of the winner as part of the acceptance form to complete. ...Read More

Why is my email address invalid?

Please ensure you have no spaces typed before or after your email address - this is usually the cause of the issue. ...Read More

How do I contact an inquiry not listed here or if I need to remove a submission?

Please direct your requests to the contest or sweepstakes administrator listed in the rules. Be sure to identify yourself by providing your full name, and email address and explain the request in as much detail as possible. The administrator will carefully review and assess each request and respond within a timely manner. ...Read More

Why isn’t Quebec included?

Often the province of Quebec in Canada is excluded from contests and sweepstakes due to the requirement of needing to file with the provincial government. Fees are due based on a percentage the value of the prize(s) available to be won. Insurance may also be required. This requirement and the required fee change based on whether the program is open to residents of Quebec only, Canada including Quebec or Internationally including Quebec. ...Read More

Why isn’t the link working for me?

If you have trouble viewing the link, please ensure you are using a modern device and/or platform and/or browser. We suggest you try a hard-refresh (hold shift and click the refresh button) and clear your cookies. Beyond that, it’s possible that because of high traffic to a site, it may take a moment. Please be patient and try again later. ...Read More

How do I promote a submission?

To promote a submission, go to the contest website and click on the vote/gallery button. To find the nominee, you can filter by state/province and search by name. Each submission has its own unique link that can be shared to get votes. Share on social media - you can share to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or by email directly from the contest website, but don’t forget other social networks you use. Post the link to online forums, your website or blog. Add the unique link to your email signature. Tell your friends, family, sports teams, associations, etc. ...Read More

Is there any way to add the votes from an incorrect submission to the correct submission?

Unfortunately, no. Please instruct your family and friends to vote again for the correct submission. ...Read More