Michelle D
I wanted to thank you for your tremendous support in helping us plan and execute our Titanic contest.  We simply couldn’t have done this without you!  Please extend our sincere gratitude to the broader Raven5 team.  - Michelle D.
David B.
The contest site looks great! I echo Michelle’s message in saying thanks to you and the team for getting this live today and for all the efforts you’ve put into making this site work for our needs. - David B.
Shannon A.
Thank you again for your amazing work at this fundraiser, we have raised around $80,000, sending many kids to camp. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything the team has done for us. - Shannon A.
Megan R.
I am very happy with how this contest was received. Participation and interaction was good. - Megan R.
Adrienne G.
I just wanted to thank you for the work you did on the project. It looks better than we imagined! Thanks for tackling all the edits we needed, much appreciated. - Adrienne G.
Marcie M.
Amazing! You guys are the best! - Marcie M.
Marcie M.
Thank your for your partnership, I appreciate your flexibility and dependability more than I can say. Here’s to a great 2020! Speaking of, we are looking to do a large scale giveaway to support our 100 year anniversary coming up next month. I’d love to get on a call to talk through some ideas and executional details. - Marcie M.
Megan R.
RAVEN5 has been our preferred marketing company since 2013. Each year, their marketing efforts on behalf of the shopping centre and tenants are well planned and executed. Overall, the programs have yielded very positive results. RAVEN5 is easy to work with, friendly, professional and approachable. They always fulfill their commitments and will develop and implement a unique program to fit their clients' needs. - Megan R.
Stephanie C.
Thank you for everything you and your team did to support our Giving Joy campaign.  It was a huge success! Your patience and guidance throughout this process was imperative and so appreciated. - Stephanie C.
Martin F.
We are looking back at a hectic yet successful 2017 with sales growth across all product categories. Your work and creativity with our promotional programs, branding programs, contests, consumer outreach programs, online shop expansion and many more has been instrumental and paramount in our company's success. We would like to thank you for your hard work, your flexibility to accommodate short term changes or addition of new programs. We are glad to have you as our partner; you have done a great job and truly deserve the kudos. - Martin F.    
EEEEEK! I am SO HAPPY with these comps! Your designer is AMAZING! - Tiffany T.
Daniela L.
It's been great working with you - and thank you for all your help on this upcoming project! - Daniela L.