How long will it take for you to remove my submission?

All requests for removals will be honoured within 72 hours. ...Read More

Will the person I nominated be disqualified if I must create a new submission?

No, however, only the submission with the highest number of votes will be considered. ...Read More

What do I do if I made an error in my submission?

Usually there is no way for you to edit your submission. The easiest way to correct this is to simply create a new submission. However, depending on the contest or sweepstakes it may be possible to update the submission, please contact us. ...Read More

How can I check the status of my prize delivery?

Most prizes will be shipped within approximately 4-6 weeks after the contest or sweepstakes has ended. If you do not receive your prize after 6 weeks have passed, please contact us. ...Read More

Can you confirm you received my entry?

If you send us an email using the “HELP” link on any given promotion we can certainly check to see if your entry has been recorded. ...Read More

How many times can people enter?

While each contest or sweepstake is different, typically entrants can enter multiple times. There may be a limit however of once per day or per entry period per person. ...Read More

How can people enter the contest or sweepstake?

With most contests and sweepstakes there is no purchase necessary to enter. In most cases a simple form to fill out with name, email, etc. is all that is required. In other cases, you might need to submit a photo, essay, video or complete an action such as entering a pin code. If a contest requires the user to have first purchased a product or service, then an alternate method of entry (AMOE) is made available. This ensures equal opportunity for everyone to receive an entry without having to make a purchase. The AMOE could be a mail-in entry which asks for the entrant to answer a simple question with a handwritten note with regards to the brand or promotion. ...Read More

When will the winners be announced?

Prize winners cannot be announced until they have accepted their prizes. After a potential winner is drawn either during the promotion on specific dates or at the end, they are contacted by the contest or sweepstakes administrator. The potential winner(s) need to sign documents to confirm that they are the named individual and that they agree to accept the prize. There may also be tax documents (required by the IRS) as well depending on the value of the prize(s). Once the documents have been received and the winner(s) confirmed can they be formally announced. The total time this takes is anywhere from a week to a month after drawing depending on how quickly a response is received. Sometimes a 2nd or 3rd alternate winner may need to be drawn if no response is received or if a prize is declined. ...Read More

Can I win more than one prize?

Usually this is possible, unless specifically stated in the rules that an individual cannot win more than one prize. There are usually no restrictions to the number of prizes one individual can win. Individuals can win multiple prizes during a contest or sweepstakes. Typically, your chances of winning depend on the total number of entries received during the promotion period. ...Read More

How do I reset my password?

Typically contests or sweepstakes that include a user account with login and password will have a simple “Forgot Password” function to reset a password. Simply click on the link or button and enter your email address to reset your password. You’ll receive a reset password email asking you to click a link to continue to reset your password. You’ll be taken back to the microsite and will be presented with a form requiring you to set a new password. ...Read More

What are the prizes?

Prize details must be explicitly laid out, including what the prizes are, how many are available, their approximate retail value (ARV) and when they will be drawn. ...Read More

Who is the contest or sweepstake open to?

Typical North American contests and sweepstakes are open to residents of the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec). Quebec is almost always excluded due to the additional costs required for legal. Rules must specifically state where you must reside, listing countries or states to be eligible for entry. If controlled substances or gambling is involved the rules must state the minimum age required for entry (usually 18, 19 or 21 depending on the state or province). ...Read More