FAQ Examples

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list provides answers to frequently asked questions or concerns. The list is a useful way of organizing information and text that consists of questions and their answers.

The FAQ has become an essential component in contests and sweepstakes, either as a standalone page or as a website section with multiple subpages per question or topic. Embedded links to FAQ pages are increasingly common in website navigation bars, bodies, and footers. It is an essential factor to consider when running contests and sweepstakes in order to achieve several Customer Service and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) goals, such as:

  • It provides users with a starting point for getting answers to their questions, reducing the need for them to pick up the phone and call or abandon a page.
  • It enhances the user experience on your website.
  • Increasing the visibility of the contests and sweepstakes by matching/optimizing for specific search terms.
  • Improve site visit time and conversion rate.
  • Linking to or integrating with other pages.