How do you reward existing customers while enticing new?
By giving customers the chance to win a dream vehicle!

Running a Shop & Win campaign for your brand is an exciting experience for everyone.

Reward your consumers with a ballot for every $ spent on product via your ecommerce. Seen

Random drawing? Not to worry, we’ve got your back.
At a set date & time we’ll pull a name at random to win a car + cash. We handle all of the necessary paperwork to ensure everything is on the up and up.


Wait, I have to give cash too?
No, you don’t, but you could do your winner a favour by providing them cash to offset the costs for taxes and other fees associated with a title transfer.

But wait… I thought it wasn’t legal to “sell” ballots/entries to a sweepstakes?
As long as you make it an equal opportunity for all to win it’s okay. By providing a “no purchase necessary” opportunity to receive an entry, you’ll be kept in the clear. We simply ask a visitor to mail in a post card or letter with their information to receive a single entry and they can do this as many times as they like. You’ll be backed by RAVEN5, a reputable sweepstakes marketing company that has worked with notable brands such as Norwegian Cruise Lines, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, KOHLER, Carter’s OSH KOSH, Finning Cat, Jacuzzi and more.

What makes 80Eighty’s “Dream Car Giveaway” different?

What’s involved in getting this going?
Our team will design and develop a customized ecommerce website that mirrors the look of your existing website. This promotional ecommerce site will handle all transactions and keep track of purchases and ballots earned. It will provide users with an updated count of ballots they’ve earned via their own account on the site.


Why can’t I use my existing ecommerce site?
In order to automate the process of tracking ballot entries earned for every product purchased, we build a custom promotional site. The site can be a subdomain (i.e. and mirror the design entirely of your site.


What happens to the site after the promotion closes?
You can keep the site running as an ecommerce site (for a monthly fee) or simply close it and revert back to your regular shop.

Why does 80Eighty hold Giveaways?

Example Shop & Win Budget
To give you a sense of a budget for this type of program, here’s an example based on a $55,000 total ARV ($25,000 Car + $30,000 cash) open to the 50 United States, District of Columbia and Canada (excluding Puerto Rico and U.S. Territories) for one month and three month. We’ll assume here that we’re provided with the basics, a write up, images of the vehicle, logos and we design it to fit your site theme.

Duration  1 Month 3 Months
Admin & Compliance $3,900 $3,900
State Filings (NY/FL) $1,050 $1,050
State Bonds (NY/FL) $2,890 $2,890
Winner Selection, Notification & Release (1) $150 $150
W-9/1099 Issuance $120 $120
Project Management $1,000 $3,000
Wireframe & Userflow $600 $600
Creative & Implementation $1,500 $1,500
Adding Products (up to 30 basic products) $1,200 $1,200
Platform (1 month) $1,400 $3,200
SSL – Security $250 $250
Reporting (1) $225 $225
Data Export (1) $300 $300
Total  $14,585 $18,385

*These fees include addition of up to 30 basic product pages to the site. Basic meaning no variable options such as multiple sizes or color options. Must be able to provide a CSV file containing all details. Prizing extra.


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Shop & Win Programs by RAVEN5

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