Our partners provide a range of incentives for our clients

RAVEN5’s clients range from medium-sized businesses to members of the Fortune 500. We work with you to create an individual strategy to ensure that our incentive programs are implemented to maximize impact and guarantee you meet your business objectives. Our partners are staffed with certified and experienced travel agents who work directly with your customers to book their vacations. Through them we have direct partnerships with major airlines, cruise lines, hotels and resorts worldwide.


Whether you need development for web including frontend and backend, apps or otherwise, our team has partners to assist. We have worked with some of the largest and smallest brands in the world and we know that you’ll be in good hands with these partners.

Web Dev Interactive

Full Stack Inc.


Our event partners specialize in event management for corporate, association and not for profit clients. If your event needs to be conceived and executed to deliver tangible results, look no further.

iCandy Event Staffing & Promotions


With multiple electronic products in the Pelios line, your customers may want the freedom to be able to choose whichever product they truly want. To make this possible, we’ve designed three Pelios Gift Cards of varying credit to give both you and your customers more choice.

Pelios Gift Cards

Neo Currency Gift Cards


Our marketing partners are experts at developing a strategy and creating high-quality content to help you build an audience, increase brand recognition, and ultimately increase sales.

Kaya Photography

Natalie Gallifent


Completely personal, one-of-a-kind premium merchandise complete with 100% customized packaging, personal notes, and individualized products all in one step.

Champions Print Studio


Our most popular travel incentives being used by the most successful and highly respected companies across North America. Odenza also offers customized products so travel options may vary depending on the type of certificate issued. Refer to the terms and conditions to see what is included.

Odenza Travel Incentives


Imagine Lifestyles provides anything and everything for the deserving elite. We cater to every aspect of the celebrated lifestyle; each program is tastefully accommodated to each individual client’s desires. No detail is too small to be tailored to the specific fancy of the patron.

Imagine Lifestyles