Natalie Gallifent

  • Hi, I'm Natalie Gallifent. I manage the social media accounts for entrepreneurial clients and small business owners.

    For over 10 years, I have built a freelance business managing Social Media accounts for entrepreneurial clients and small business owners, and my primary areas of focus include:

    • Writing, editing, and producing fresh content for social media platforms
    • Managing engagement and authentically building community for client accounts
    • Managing email marketing campaigns & creating and writing weekly newsletters 

    In a highly competitive on-line world, I believe that most entrepreneurs struggle to meet the demands of building a successful social media presence. The field of play is constantly changing, and what worked two years ago, or even two months ago, may no longer be effective. For an entrepreneur, this ever changing landscape can seem impossible to manage.

    I have always loved the challenge of staying current, and I am dedicated to building and managing social media strategies that meet the challenge of shifting sands. 

    After years of working with a variety of businesses and individuals, I have come to look upon each new social media account as though it were a delicate flower. Fresh content is the water required to grow it from planted seed, and consistent, dedicated engagement is the sunshine that feeds it and allows it to thrive. Both are essential, and one alone is never enough.

    Over the years, I have successfully grown numerous client accounts through organic (and paid) reach, and I have tirelessly personalized engagement strategies to help build an authentic and relevant online community. 

    By taking a keen interest in understanding the specific needs and goals of each client, I have helped establish and grow my clients’ profiles in the community that’s best suited for their product or brand: be it local, regional, or beyond.

    Prior to my current endeavours, I spent 20+ years working in the fitness industry (in roles ranging from senior management to marketing, sales, and administration), and at this stage of my professional life, I have come to greatly value both the diversity of the clients I work with and the lifestyle of mobility that my freelance business provides. 

    When I’m not behind my laptop, you can find me outside, in nature, chasing the sunshine (as well as rainbows and unicorns). And yes…unicorns are real, lol!