Neo Currency Gift Cards

  • MODERN REWARDS FOR THE DIGITAL ECONOMY Cash. Food. Fuel. Miles. Music. Video. NeoCurrency® sources and supplies digital rewards and prizes for loyalty programs, market research, employee incentives and sweepstakes promotions.

    We believe that all miles, points, credits and stars that brands offer work like money–perhaps even better than money. They are powerful drivers of brand preference and loyalty.

    Today brands rely on free goods and discounts to drive transactions. We see a much bigger world of untapped opportunities and experiences. An airline brand can give their customers the gift of a shopping experience that costs the company less than a free round-trip ticket and still drive transactions. A grocery store brand can offer a Mother’s Day gift that can keep moms coming back to the brand even without a deep discount. We call this collaborative capitalism.

    Two decades of creating ground-up promotions and loyalty programs for Fortune 100 brands has taught us a thing or two about different business models. Now we apply that experience to help your brand find the right partners to acquire new consumers, grow transactions and build your customer base. Simply put, we are a rewards and promotions company built for the digital age. That’s NeoCurrency®.