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well TBH we kind of are"

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Tiffany T
I couldn't be MORE IMPRESSED with RAVEN5 - your dedication to finish this project on time, your creative skills and abilities, and your professionalism. I've never had a turnkey program work so well. Thank you so much! - Tiffany T.
Marcie M.
You and your team have been incredible partners, we really appreciate how nimble and easy to work with you are. - Marcie M.
Stephanie C.
Woo hoo!!!! Thank you, all for your incredible work. - Stephanie C.
Nicole M.
Working with RAVEN5 on the sweepstakes project for Finning Canada was a great experience.  Michael and the team were incredibly professional, managing our multi-stakeholder team and meeting tough deadlines.  They also accommodated program changes late in the development to meet a change in requirements on our end.  We have plans to work with Raven5 to run the program again. - Nicole M.

Your move Snack Sack.

Haven't seen "The World's First Contest Marketing Agency" yet? Here's your oppurtunity to watch it for the first time. And hey, "Snack Sack", the offer still stands. We know Sean wants his 20%, he'll do anything for you.