"We're not bragging...
well TBH we kind of are"

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Thanks for the kind words...

EEEEEK! I am SO HAPPY with these comps! Your designer is AMAZING! - Tiffany T.
Daniela L.
It's been great working with you - and thank you for all your help on this upcoming project! - Daniela L.
Jeff G.
We've had the pleasure of working with RAVEN5 on contest marketing programs for two years running. We are pleased to recommend the team at RAVEN5 for a variety of reasons, primarily, their company provides outstanding creative, solid program development and ongoing customer service. Equally important, the program has delivered over 40,000 prospects for my business portals. The company intentions are to continue working with RAVEN5 on an ongoing basis. Success is common place for any initiative that this firm is involved in. Their credentials are excellent and knowledge impeccable. - Jeff G.
Christine D.
Thank you so much, Ivars! This is wonderful.
Our CEO is so pleased with the success of the campaign so far that he’s VERY invested in keeping the momentum going. - Christine D.

Your move Snack Sack.

Haven't seen "The World's First Contest Marketing Agency" yet? Here's your oppurtunity to watch it for the first time. And hey, "Snack Sack", the offer still stands. We know Sean wants his 20%, he'll do anything for you.