November 15, 2015 Jesse 1133 Views

CASL Refresher

Sending email for your business? Read up on CASL lately? Here’s some things to remember. Read More

November 15, 2015 Jesse 1193 Views

Check Your Lists

Read why keeping up with email complaints in your business is serious business. Read More

November 15, 2015 Jesse 902 Views

Not All Consent Created Equal

Can you email someone about marketing even if you don’t know them? Find out the types of email consent here. Read More

November 15, 2015 Jesse 918 Views

Protect Your Business

Want to make sure you stay out of trouble with your business? Here’s some email marketing tips. Read More

November 15, 2015 Jesse 800 Views

Targeted Response

Raven5 can help deliver a personalized message to your audience. Find out how. Read More

June 23, 2015 Jennifer 1907 Views

Build Your Fan Base

At Raven5 we define contest marketing as an incentive based marketing campaign that implements both email and social media marketing simultaneously. The best contests are run through a contest microsite and are supported through email and social media collaboratively. With 91% of people checking their email every single day and 85% of people trusting friend referrals your business will be guaranteed to grow in followers! Read More

June 19, 2015 Jennifer 2243 Views

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

In the ever-growing age of the consumer, shopping online has become a one-stop shop for consumers. One major problem plaguing online stores and businesses is the act of shopping cart abandonment. This can be detrimental to business, especially for stores who are online only, they are losing approximately 4 trillion worth of merchandise that will be abandoned in online shopping carts and only 63% of this loss is recoverable. It is the job of businesses to ensure they have the most competitive prices to create high consumer demand; as such, companies need to utilize combating tactics to neutralize this issue. Read More

April 8, 2015 Michael 2253 Views

Email Marketing in Ten Steps

Are you considering using email marketing? Are you already emailing prospective clients and previous buyers? The better question is, why aren’t you already!? Read More

March 25, 2015 Michael 2474 Views

Tips to Empower Your Email Marketing

Looking to improve your existing email marketing? Check out these helpful tips! Read More

March 14, 2015 Michael 917 Views

Email - It's About Respect

Bick explains why email is still your number one tool for digital marketing and provides 9 reasons why every business should integrate email into their marketing efforts. Read More

March 13, 2015 Michael 1985 Views

Building Your Email List

Need tips building an email list? Bick has a list of tips you should use while building your lists. Read More

December 23, 2014 Michael 2331 Views

Email Marketing Budgets Increasing

Email continues to be the primary communication tool for marketers. Automation is now part of the process, Bickerton provides some feedback. Read More

RAVEN5 is the World's First Contest Marketing Agency.

RAVEN5 specializes in contests, sweepstakes and promotions management. We work with advertising and marketing agencies, public relations firms and brands of all sizes.

Why run a contest?

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build email lists
  • Develop social following
  • Collect consumer data
  • Distribute coupons

All of this ads up to finding and developing new leads!

You could win a prize for simply contacting us.

We’re waiting to hear about your upcoming sweepstakes, contest or promotion. Whether you’re still planning or ready to build, we can help. Give us an opportunity to serve you and you’ll see what an all-in-one shop can do. And hey, because we’re all about contests, we’ll draw a random name from all inquiries each month to win a $100 Starbucks Gift Card.

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