What kind of prize should I give away in my contest or sweepstakes?

Prizing is a critical step. Ensuring you have a product that is valuable to your email list and social following is a must. First you must identify your overall goal of running the contest. Then you must ensure that your prizing is something of value to the consumers.

Prize = your product or service

If possible, it’s recommended that the prize is a product or service relevant to or provided by your business. If you are in the sewing machine business then offer up a sewing machine, as it will appeal to your user group and engage prospects and those interested in sewing.

Don’t be generic

If the prize is too generic in nature, while you might get opt-ins, they may be of a lesser quality as they might not care for any of the products or services you offer. Coupons should also be considered as a purchase incentive and can be used as a secondary ‘prize’ for all entrants. Focus on the end, what do you hope to accomplish? Your contest or sweepstakes can provide many incentives to drive in-store traffic, sales or even a complete online sales process.

Prize sourcing

We have partnerships with many companies that routinely source prizes for competitions for TV, radio, web, print, on-pack, mobile partners, film (product placement) and interactive. If you’re a company looking to run a contest or sweepstakes and need to source a trip, a vehicle or anything else, we can help!

Prize fulfillment

Our prize fulfillment services make your life easier, and ensure satisfaction from your contests, promos, and sweepstakes. Once winners have been selected, it’s important to have a system in place to dispatch the prizes. Whether you have a single high-ticket, large scale prize or multiple smaller packages, use a professional prize fulfillment service to save you both time and money. It’s more important than ever to have order tracking in place, including the proof of dispatch and proof of receipt. We ensure all prizes are dispatched quickly and with the necessary insurance, and maintain contact with the winner to ensure they’ve received their prize. If needed, we’re able to store prizes in a secure warehouse, and we have the ability to dispatch goods to hundreds or even thousands of winners in a timely manner.

Winner management

Drawing winners for your contest, sweepstakes, or promotion may sound easy at first. However, depending on the number of winners, value of the prize, and location of the winners, this can end up being a large and time-consuming task. RAVEN5 offers winner management services, including drawing, contacting, verification, providing release forms, filing appropriate tax forms, and delivery of prize(s).

Giving away a vehicle? No problem – we’ll make arrangements with the winner’s local dealership. Awarding a trip? No problem – we’ll ensure the winner(s) full booking and travel arrangements are in place for their vacation.

For more information, learn how to ensure your contest or sweepstakes is legal. Or, read up on registration and bonding requirements, contest and sweepstakes prize fulfillment, or other contest and sweepstakes marketing services.

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