Sweepstakes Marketing & Contest Marketing Services and Solutions in Texas


We’re RAVEN5, a sweepstakes marketing agency AND a contest marketing agency. We are known as “The World’s First Sweepstakes Marketing Agency” and are noted on Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Google. Our team are experts in creating, planning and implementing sweepstakes, contests and incentivized marketing solutions and programs in the United States and Canada.


We 🖤 Texas

We take care of all related services for sweepstakes and contests including planning, legal, creative, development, reporting, winner selection, notification and release, including tax forms and fulfilment of digital and conventional prizes.


Cooking up sweepstakes and contest services

Whether you’ve already got a recipe or just a few choice cuts. We’ve got some of the best chefs in the business that can get your sweepstakes or contest up and running. While our service list may seem extensive we believe that there are no shortcuts to producing quality programs for your brand.

Everything IS bigger in Texas. The trucks, the hats, the cows and the sweepstakes

Specializing in creating fun and engaging sweepstakes and contests that help find new customers in Texas. We adhere to brand guiedlines ensure the look and feel of your custom program is aligned with your strategy and is appealing to your audience.