Incentivized Contractor and Distributor Programs Next Steps

RAVEN5’s custom tailored sweepstakes are a popular marketing tool used to engage consumers and promote various products or brands. Here are some recent examples of different types of sweepstakes that RAVEN5 created to incentivize contractors and distributors.

Product Launch Sweepstakes

To generate excitement around a new product launch, a brand could use a sweepstakes offering early access to the product or exclusive additional content for entrants. For instance, a tech company releasing a new gadget might give away a limited number of devices to sweepstakes winners before the official release.

BERNINA of Canada held a four-month sweepstakes to promote their new Kaffe Fassett sewing machines. The main prize was a Kaffe Edition BERNINA Sewing Machine, with additional monthly prizes including other sewing machines and accessories.

Holiday-Themed Sweepstakes

Tapping into the festive spirit of holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, a sweepstakes might offer prizes that align with the season. This could include luxury holiday packages, gift hampers, or special edition products.

Barilla Canada launched a month-long contest on Valentine’s Day, offering daily chances to win a “SIGN OF LOVE” prize pack through an instant win game where participants spun a wheel to see if they won. Participants could earn extra entries by sharing the contest and posting a photo on Instagram of themselves enjoying Barilla pasta with the designated hashtag and tagging @BarillaCanada.

Customer Loyalty Sweepstakes

For brands looking to reward loyal customers, a sweepstakes could offer points or credits as prizes, which can be redeemed for discounts or free products. This not only rewards existing customers but also encourages continuous engagement with the brand. At RAVEN5 customer loyalty sweepstakes is our bread and butter utilizing receipt validation and image upload to engage participants. Contractors and distributors could enter the contest by submitting receipts and photos featuring customer’s products. The sweepstakes are aimed to reward customers and boost brand loyalty through various prize offerings.

To incentivize contractors to use LEDVANCE products and boost brand loyalty, LEDVANCE ran a bilingual loyalty sweepstakes. Participants had the opportunity to win various prizes, including gift cards, YETI coolers, and LEDVANCE work lights. Contractors could earn entries by completing actions like filling out an entry form and submitting invoices for eligible LEDVANCE products. The campaign ran from June 2 to December 21, 2022, with the goals of increasing brand awareness and rewarding their contractor customers.

To reward contractors and distributors of Signify products, a custom bilingual loyalty sweepstakes was launched, running from July 19 to December 31, 2021. Participants could win various prizes by completing tasks such as filling out entry forms and uploading invoices for Signify products. Distributors had similar opportunities, including uploading photos of in-store promotions or staff featuring Signify products. The campaign aimed to reward contractors and authorized distributors of Signify products. Targeting contractors who use Signify products and authorized distributors who sell them, the project included contest design, copywriting, and development in both English and French. Additional deliverables encompassed winner outreach, reporting, support, and prize sourcing and fulfillment.

Schwarzkopf Professional offered salon professionals instant win opportunities using pin codes from purchased products to get an instant win or receive entries into prize draws. The contest microsite featured account creation with dashboard, a signup survey, pin code input, prize summaries, and a digital prize claim form for prize eligibility confirmation.

Social Media Engagement Sweepstakes

To boost online engagement, a sweepstakes could require participants to follow the brand’s social media accounts, share content, or use a specific hashtag in their posts to enter. Prizes might include products featured in viral challenges or popular among influencers.

Universal and Tampico Beverages launched a UGC campaign to promote the new Puss In Boots movie, featuring weekly challenges like sending thank you cards or baking cakes, with participants submitting photos and descriptions of their tasks.

This is an example how these programs can be a combination of different types of Sweepstakes (collaboration and social media engagement).

5.   Event-Driven Sweepstakes

Coinciding with major events such as the Super Bowl or the Oscars, sweepstakes could offer related prizes, such as tickets to the event, exclusive backstage passes, or branded merchandise. launched a closed sweepstakes to promote its brand within the cryptocurrency community, targeting attendees of the 2021 Bitcoin Conference in Miami. The sweepstakes offered a grand prize choice between a 2021 Lamborghini Huracan EVO and $250,000 in Bitcoin, available to U.S. and Canadian residents (excluding Quebec).

Collaborative Sweepstakes

Partnering with other brands to create a sweepstakes can provide a richer prize pool and attract a broader audience. This type of sweepstakes could include a variety of products and services from the collaborating brands, offering a comprehensive prize package.

During Italian Heritage Month in June, Barilla Canada ran a month-long sweepstakes to promote its products. Participants could enter normally or earn bonus entries by sharing the sweepstakes and posting photos of their Barilla recipes on Instagram with the #CinemaBarilla hashtag, tagging both Barilla Canada and Ruffino Wines.

A sweepstakes was launched to promote DJ Khaled’s “We The Best Home” furniture line at Grand Furniture, offering a $2,500 shopping spree as the prize.

Referral Sweepstakes

Encouraging current customers to refer friends and family can be facilitated through a sweepstakes where each referral increases an entrant’s chance of winning. Prizes could be tiered based on the number of referrals, enhancing incentive to participate. Anytime you have amazing prizes customers are more willing to hit the “share” button to refer friends and family to join.

Final Thoughts

Each of these Sweepstakes types can be tailored to the specific goals of a campaign, focusing on driving sales, increasing brand visibility, or enhancing customer engagement. RAVEN5, known as the world’s first sweepstakes marketing agency, specializes in creating and managing sweepstakes and contests in the US and Canada. Featured on major search engines, they offer comprehensive services from planning and legalities to execution and prize fulfillment. RAVEN5 handles all aspects of sweepstakes and contests, including winner selection and notification, catering to various marketing needs.

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