Incentivized Contractor and Distributor Programs Next Steps

RAVEN5’s custom tailored sweepstakes are a popular marketing tool used to engage consumers and promote various products or brands. Here are some recent examples of different types of sweepstakes that RAVEN5 created to incentivize contractors and distributors. Product Launch Sweepstakes To generate excitement around a new product launch, a brand could use a sweepstakes offering […]

Keep it In-House with 5 Incentive Programs Tailored to Distributors & Contractors

Incentive programs are a vital component for fostering growth and partnership especially for distributors and contractors. These programs are multifaceted, catering to various strategic goals and offering a range of benefits and challenges. Incentive Types Overview Cash Bonuses Contests Tiered Rewards Merchandise Travel Incentives Training and Development Popular Incentive Programs Loyalty Programs SPIFFs Contests Rebates […]

The Secret Advantage of Incentive Programs for Contractors and Distributors

In the dynamic business landscape, incentive programs stand out as a powerful strategy for engaging contractors and distributors. These programs are not just about rewarding sales; they’re a multifaceted tool for fostering loyalty, driving performance, and aligning partners with your company’s objectives. Here’s why incentive programs are a win-win for businesses and their external partners. […]

5 Steps to Implementing Your Winning Contractor & Distributor Incentive Programs

Key Aspects of Contractor & Distributor Incentive Programs 1) Incentive Types and Implementation These incentive programs typically blend various types of rewards to motivate and engage contractors and distributors. These include monetary incentives like rebates and discounts based on performance metrics, as well as non-monetary incentives such as exclusive training or access to special events. […]