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Consumers love a deal, they love coupons, they love promotions, and they love discounts. Can you blame them? Brand loyalty is changing. That being said, there is some new information that was provided to me by “” that suggests “BRAND/STORE LOYALTY” is not a driving factor for purchase, contrary to retail industry perception. WOW, that’s big news - or is... Read More

To reward Contractors that use LEDVANCE products and encourage contractors to select LEDVANCE products for their projects, LEDVANCE conducted a custom bilingual loyalty sweepstakes offering entrants the chance to win multiple prizes throughout the program, such as gift cards, YETI coolers, and LEDVANCE work lights. Read More

To promote reward Contractors and Distributors of Signify’s products, we conducted a custom bilingual loyalty sweepstakes offering entrants the chance to win the multiple prizes throughout the program. Contractors could receive ballots for completing various actions such as completing the entry form, sharing and uploading copies of invoices containing Signify products. Distributors also had a similar opportunity to receive ballots... Read More

One of the most common questions organizations have when planning a giveaway is, "Should we run a charity raffle?" Our recommendation is to say no to charity raffles. Instead, we suggest that you run a charity sweepstakes. Why, you may ask? Let's get into the nitty-gritty. Say No to Charity Raffles The end game of running a charity raffle or... Read More

One thing consumers and content creators can agree on is that engaging content is crucial. I'm glad people are starting to realize that posting to your social media page is not the only way to engage with your audience. Let me add a new buzzword to your vocabulary, Ephemeral Content. Ephemeral Content I know, I know. What is ephemeral content?... Read More

Consumer promotions are marketing techniques that help entice customers to purchase a product or engage a certain audience.  Consumer promotions are usually set for a particular time and used to achieve a specific purpose such as introducing a new product,  increasing brand awareness, moving product and attracting new customers. Here are a few promotional techniques commonly used. Contest Marketing or... Read More