OAKVILLE, Ont. Sept. 12, 2017 / RAVEN5 continues to strengthen the way consumers market brands, through its customized sweepstakes and contests program.   The agency presents the strategy as a cost-effective way to generate publicity and notoriety for a brand or product line. Sweepstakes and contests are naturally tied-in with online promotions, which is its core business area.  RAVEN5 not only works with brands directly, but also offers the service to agencies across North America who are looking for a niche business partner to work with, confidentially, as part of a broader marketing campaign.

“North American brands are often looking for something special, something out of the box, when it comes to consumer marketing,” says Michael Bickerton, principal of RAVEN5 Ltd.  “Our approach to sweepstakes and contests marketing allows us to work confidentially with other agencies and brands to custom plan, design, and develop the program, including the management of all legal and administration requirements.”

Each sweepstake or contest is customized to the needs of the client, whether they’re looking for 100 entries or one million entries.  Consumers become the primary tool used to promote the campaign, by engaging through their social channels and creating favourable brand impressions and awareness for prospects and clients.  This, in turn, allows clients to gather email addresses and specific data regarding their own products and services.

RAVEN5 uses a number of elements to help customize the sweepstakes and contest platform or program, including:

  • Rules and regulations, bonding & insurance
  • Data imports – correlates sales purchases to users and award entries based on dollars spent
  • Instant win – custom process, randomization, validation, display and track of instant win prizes
  • Pin code creation – unique pin codes
  • Pin code entry – algorithms for tracking provider data
  • Print collateral – design and print custom pieces in bulk – stickers, shelf talkers etc.
  • Prize claim automation – online claim forms
  • Reporting – custom reports can be created and run based on data from the contest site
  • Surveys – develop specific questions and adjust based on answers
  • User registration – can customize registration to include user and password
  • User tracking – track the actions of the users within the custom site

The modular features allow the program to built or “customized” to the clients campaign and needs.

More information:

View ‘Sean – the Social Media Pessismist’ CUSTOM CUSTOM CUSTOM Sweepstakes video

Visit http://raven5.com/contest-and-sweepstakes-services/

RAVEN5 is a collaborative and creative group that provides all services in house, from conception to development and deployment. RAVEN5 offers a single focus approach as a contest marketing agency and ensures that campaigns will be well executed right from the get-go. The RAVEN5 goal is to create engaging experiences for consumers through fun and professional online contests while building brand-marketing channels. We are the World’s First Sweepstakes Marketing Agency.

For further information:
Media contact: Michael Bickerton, President, RAVEN5 Ltd.
1 855 543 8345 x700



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