RAVEN5, Contest Marketing Agency: Internet Marketing in 12 Steps

OAKVILLE, OntarioSept. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — While companies are being deluged with so many online options to reach consumers, a Canadian-based digital marketing agency is suggesting that businesses embrace the best of what the Internet has to offer in a more efficient and effective way. In the last of RAVEN5’s five-part video and white paper series on contest marketing, the agency previews its 12-step approach to Internet marketing, in order to help businesses build their online presence and expand their reach.

RAVEN5 president Michael Bickerton suggests Internet marketing is similar to all other business building functions. “It takes time, patience, and energy, and there is no real quick fix,” says Bickerton.  “Business owners and marketers understand it takes time to build a business and driving traffic and online activity is the same. Good programs take time, they need to be tested, use trial techniques to see what is exactly working and what isn’t.”

Bickerton notes that by following the 12 steps one step at a time, a business can be better positioned to build its online reputation. The RAVEN5 white paper provides a detailed overview of each of the following steps:

  1. Contest Marketing – Starts with a kiss.
  2. Email List Acquisition – Make new friends.
  3. Email Marketing – Time to talk?
  4. Website – Need a place to buy?
  5. Content – A reason to come back.
  6. Social – Make new friends.
  7. Paid Ads – The largest party.
  8. Social Ads – Meet somebody new.
  9. SlideShare – Show your stuff.
  10. Video – Second largest party.
  11. Article Marketing – Build your reputation.
  12. Lead Generation – Look for the next score.

In the accompanying video, “Social Media Pessimist,” Sean Ely also highlights the benefits of starting an Internet marketing campaign with contest marketing, noting contest marketing is cost effective and it targets the five biggest wants and needs for companies.

Download and view: Internet Marketing White Paper and Internet Marketing in 12 Steps

RAVEN5 first introduced the contest marketing video and white paper series in May 2015.  The series is aimed at expanding the agency’s reach in online consumer marketing.

RAVEN5 is a collaborative and creative group that provides all services in house, from conception to development and deployment. RAVEN5 offers a single focus approach as a contest marketing agency and ensures that campaigns will be well executed right from the get-go. The RAVEN5 goal is to create engaging experiences for consumers through fun and professional online contests while building brand-marketing channels. We are #ContestMarketing.

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