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For best results, we recommend uploading a PDF of your invoice.
Use a device to capture your invoice and then convert it to a PDF using a free online converter such as https://smallpdf.com.

If taking a photo, ensure that the invoice is clear and is laid completely flat on a surface.
Excessive markings, cuts, scratches or curved, crinkled or folded invoices make the auto-detection of text difficult to read.

Why isn’t my invoice upload being accepted?
– Invoices must be dated between June 15, 2019 and December 14, 2019.
– Invoices must be from an authorized EMCO branch.
– Duplicate submissions will not be accepted.
– If you believe that your invoice is correct, please forward it to kohler@raven5.com and we’ll review and adjust if necessary.

Invoice uploaded but not receiving any points?
Invoices must clearly indicate that a current Kohler product(s) was purchased along with the price paid in order to earn points for each product. Duplicate submissions will not be accepted. We review uploaded invoices within 48 hours and will automatically make corrections as required. Please contact us at kohler@raven5.com with details regarding your invoice upload and we will review and adjust if necessary.

Trouble logging into your account?
Request your password via email by clicking “Forgot Password” on the home page. https://winrinserepeat.ca

Don’t have an account?
Register for one today and start earning points by clicking “Sign Up” on the home page. https://winrinserepeat.ca

How long will it take for you to review/adjust my points?
All requests to kohler@raven5.com will be reviewed/adjusted within 48 hours.

Who do I contact if I have an inquiry not listed here?
Please email kohler@raven5.com or call with details of the inquiry. Please ensure you include your name and email. If your inquiry is related to an uploaded invoice, please provide the date of your upload.

Do you have a toll free number?
Yes. Call 1-800-361-0179 and please leave a message.


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