RAVEN5’s contest marketing platform allows major brands and large organizations to implement and run both contests and sweepstakes. The enterprise level program has been specifically developed for those organizations that would like the convenience of having a “custom” solution without the costs of development. The platform can be housed either in the cloud, or use client specific hosting. Utilizing our hosting will allow for fail safe backups, as well as performance load balancing.


  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of programs
  • Unlimited number of leads (opt-ins)
  • Unlimited duration of programs
  • Unlimited use of rules template
  • Unlimited use of privacy policy
  • Social sharing for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ & email
  • Cloud based software solution
  • No HTML coding required
  • Customized microsite templates (up to 5)
  • Customized email templates (up to 5)
  • No limit on web fonts
  • Access to landing templates
  • Access to survey templates
  • Access to sharing templates
  • Publishing within an iFrame available (SSL certificate required for Facebook embed)
  • Access and customization of leader board
  • Mobile friendly (all templates are responsive)
  • Real time reporting
  • Database downloads in .csv spreadsheets
  • Channels available (different creative/copy) for multi-language or region support
  • URL included, setup of subdomains and/or forwarding
  • Access to contest design team at RAVEN5 for creation of program

Standard Process

Only the steps are “standard” here as this process allows for a completely customized look based on your design or ours.


Typical drivers are email and social media but can be driven through typical ad channels.


Standard inputs are name, email, year of birth, gender and postal/zip code. A checkbox for agreement with the rules and privacy is also included.

Choose Coupon

Choose from available coupon(s) if any. They will be available for printing and/or can be included in the email autoresponder on the last step.


Include up to 5 multiple choice survey questions with one answer (or many answers).


Our social sharing technology allows the contest to be easily shared via one click to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Email.

Thank You

The thank you or exit page can drive traffic to a website, landing page or social media. If any coupons are chosen, there will be an option to print.

Email Auto-Responder

An email auto-responder will deploy that can include any additional information and links as required. Chosen coupons and/or alternate coupons can be attached.

Reporting Samples

Example of Annual Costs

Enterprise based program cloud based solution  $45,000
Server based program installation and liaison  $60,000 (optional)
Cost per contest program  $100 each
Customized microsite templates design & develop $1,500 each
Customized email templates design & develop  $400 each
RAVEN5 Concept/creative $95 hrly
RAVEN5 Custom development $130 hrly

RAVEN5 can arrange and provide staff “on call” for those business units or sub units that need assistance with implementing a program. The team can be leveraged on an as needed basis for implementation, creative, winner selection, notification and releases.

The platform can be modified and customized to meet various or required functions as part of the platform at an additional cost. We’d recommend an online meeting with our technology partner should time allow.

Here’s the takeaway!

Download Enterprise Solutions (962 KB)