RAVEN5’s new technology, dubbed Corvus is the company’s all-new soon to be AI-driven sweepstakes and contest marketing platform.

The raven, already our messenger, and a core part of our identity goes high tech with CORVUS. Also known as Corvus corvax, the scientific name for the species of the common raven in the Northern Hemisphere.

Who uses CORVUS?

For brands and their agencies that want to develop their own unique customer experience while seamlessly integrating with a 3rd party company for compliance and winner selection. RAVEN5’s unique process already takes care of your valuable customers and prospects all while backing your brand’s reputation. Now with our unique platform we can scale custom programs to the needs of clients whether they are a small business or an enterprise level, multinational corporation.

CORVUS can bolt-on to a pre-existing infrastructure built on various other platforms such as WordPress or other internal custom homebrews using API technology. As you visitors become entrants, they can securely be transferred to us for winner selection, personal or business verification, IRS tax needs and more.

What does CORVUS do exactly?

Users were driven to the sweepstakes website where they were asked to provide their personal details and optionally opt-in to marketing communications.

Entrants were required to snap a photo of themselves with the Lamborghini displayed at the conference and upload it to the sweepstakes website which hosted all photos in a public facing gallery. Entrants were required to visit the sweepstakes microsite and opt-in by providing their first and last name, email address, country, postal/zip code,mobile number, Instagram and Twitter handles.

Finally, entrants were asked to post the photo of themselves with the Lamborghini on their Instagram and/or Twitter accounts tagging @sportsbet.io and using the hashtag #sportsbetlambo to be eligible. Professional staff were available to assist with the photo and registration process as well as to protect the vehicle.

Our system can automate winner selection, whether you need 5 or 500 winners. This is done a number of ways and can even pick based on comments on social posts, shares to stories and more. Entrants can be securely sent via API to our platform and then randomly selected and filtered based on specific criteria such as location, network, entries, ballots, etc. Entrants can also be imported via API, CSV upload, or via social network selection.

Corvus can then email all of the potential winners and optionally text them to let them know that they’re eligible for a prize.

Prior to notification, our platform prepares Digital Affidavits (Release forms) that can be signed by winners digitally. This ensures timely execution as no printing, scanning, even faxing is required.

Whether it’s employer verification, special license, parental or otherwise, our team can handle background checks for each winner. This may include sending additional digital documents to be completed. Our platform sends and receives these notifications, and our team can then approve and verify final winner details.

Digital fulfilment is our preferred method for prizes that include gift cards. Through our partners we’re able to provide access to an almost infinite number of gift card vendors. Simply provide the details of how many prizes, the value of each and throughout our winner selection process our team can digitally fulfil gift cards via email and text. Physical fulfilment varies depending on the need. In some cases client’s might want a summary sent to their own fulfilment houses known as pick and pack orders. For other clients, they might make use of our own warehouses in the US and Canada and we would issue the orders as prizes were claimed.

We automate the sending of IRS W9 tax forms, so you don’t have to manually fill them out. These are then completed and signed digitally by potential winners and will later be followed up with IRS 1099 tax forms to report on winnings at the beginning of the following year. The tax forms that get sent out can be prepopulated with as much information we have on the eligible winners dynamically such as name, address and prize value for each winner giving them just one final step to fill out any remaining details and sign. Now that the IRS allows submissions via API, our platform can automate the task of sending out 100s or 1000s of 1099 forms for the following tax year directly.

Where does CORVUS fit in?

Typically, our clients already have a vision in mind of how their campaign should run and even how it might look. However, when it comes to development, they leave it to us. Once we’ve determined the steps and overall functionality, our team mocks up the design and the overall user experience followed by custom development on our platform. CORVUS takes it from there and does the heavy lifting in the background, supporting our clients and teams alike. Some of the types of sweepstakes and contest programs include features such as:


Our customized analytics can provide you with valuable insights into how your consumers interact with your campaigns.


Through the use of Corvus API we're able to talk to a multitude of different platforms and securely send and receive user data.


Adding on the customizeable dashboard allows your entrants to have a landing place after logging in that gives them direction and control.


The gallery feature allows for direct upload of images and video as well as #hashtagged entries from a variety of social networks.

Login with ___

Save time and allow users to log in with their existing profiles from social networks like Facebook and brands like Amazon and Google.


Through the use of pincodes we can provide points, draw entries, instant win prize and more for loyalty styled campaigns.


Our registration screens can be customized and be as simple as 1-step or include multiple steps to gather additional data through surveys.

Sales Data

Reward your sales team by turning their sales data into entries into prizes for a sweepstakes or contest.


Built-in social sharing allows for easy and organic posting from entrants to all popular social media networks.


Turn your e-commerce into a shop & win styled campaign so your consumers have more incentive to make a purchase.


Through the use of OCR technology we can automate the proess of claiming entries via receipt or invoice uploads.


Typically with UGC styled campaigns, brands might include voting as a way to get the public to choose a winner instead of at random.

Why was CORVUS created?

RAVEN5 is already a leader in the sweepstakes and marketing world for brands (and their agencies) needs. Some would refer to us as a unicorn (ravencorn?). It only seemed natural to evolve our own internal processes to both assist our clients and their customers in providing the best experience overall. CORVUS allows us to streamline our processes and spin up numerous campaigns as required. It’s efficiency and quality built upon RAVEN5’s already established contest and sweepstakes processes. Some of our most notable campaigns:

How can I find out more about CORVUS?

If you’re looking for a custom sweepstakes solution for your brand, get in touch.

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