Corax Enterprise Solutions by RAVEN5

Our scalable platform can be customized to suit enterprise level clients that are looking to provide localized and ready to go sweepstakes and contests to their stores, outlets and distributors.

Your teams can have the ability to create opt-in forms, process donations, instant win, UGC or receipt upload funcationality. In addition to built-in pre-populated social sharing, reports will allow you to better understand the social habits of your consumers.

Our scalable platform allows brands of all sizes to design and execute exciting contests and sweepstakes.

Enterprise level programs at a fraction of the cost can be developed for organizations that would like the convenience of having a “custom” solution without the costs associated with custom development. Our cloud-based platform creates fail safe backups, and scalable performance load-balancing.

computer screen
  • Jacuzzi
  • Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout
  • The Little Potato Company
  • Cogeco
  • Kick Some Gas
  • BERNINA Simply Red 215


  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of programs
  • Unlimited number of leads (opt-ins)
  • Unlimited duration of programs
  • Unlimited use of rules template
  • Unlimited use of privacy policy
  • Access to landing templates
  • Access to survey templates
  • Access to sharing templates
  • Customized microsite templates (up to 5)
  • Customized email templates (up to 5)
  • Access and customization of leader board


  • Cloud based software solution
  • No HTML coding required
  • Publishing to an iFrame (SSL required for Facebook)
  • Mobile friendly (all templates are responsive)
  • Real time reporting
  • Database downloads in .csv spreadsheets
  • Localization available for multi-language/region support
  • Contest channels available for localized offers
  • URL included, setup of subdomains and/or forwarding
  • Access to design team at RAVEN5 for creation of program
  • Social sharing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & email

Corax Overview

Our Corax Enterprise solution provides 5 main campaign types based on the selected and stackable Optional Modules:
Standard Opt-in | Donation | Instant Win | UGC | Receipt

1. Standard Opt-in

The no frills, basic form allows simple and quick capture of entries with the ability to share pre-populated messaging to their fav social networks.

2. Donation

A charity sweepstakes allows funds to be collected in order to sell entries to a giveaway. Often a charitable organization is the beneficiary of funds collected.

3. Instant Win

An instant win program can be set to give away x amount of prizes per day, per campaign, based on a random selection.

4. UGC

UGC allows the capture of consumer created content including photo, video and text based. An optional public gallery can collect votes.

5. Receipt Upload

Receipt upload allows the collection of consumer receipts to earn additional points per product quantity or $ amount purchased.

Reporting Samples

Example of Annual Costs

Enterprise based program cloud based solution  $45,000
Server based program installation and liaison  $60,000
Cost per program instance  $150 each
Customized microsite templates design & develop $1,500 each
Customized email templates design & develop  $650 each
RAVEN5 Concept/creative $110 hrly
RAVEN5 Custom development $155 hrly

*We anticipate a minimum investment of $70,000 US

Receipt Upload Pricing

No OCR Multiple Retailers/Distributors  $3,500
Single Retailer/Distributor  $5,000
Multiple Retailers/Distributors  $6,000
Additional Products (SKUs) $1,000
Additional Receipt Uploads Overage (per 100,000)  $700
Enterprise Research and Planning Fee, includes:

  • Legal Requirement
  • Bonding Requirement
  • Registration Requirement
  • Website Requirement
  • Translation Requirement

*Includes up to 5 Product SKUs and 100,000 receipt uploads.

RAVEN5 can arrange and provide staff “on call” for teams that need assistance with implementing programs. RAVEN5 can be leveraged on an as needed basis for implementation, creative, winner selection, notification and releases.

The platform can be modified and customized to meet various or required functions as part of the platform at an additional cost. We’d recommend an online meeting with our team to discuss next steps.

The Takeaway

Corax Enterprise PDF (945 KB)