October 6, 2015 Jesse 509 Views

Raven5 Custom Contests

Raven5 can help create customized, stylish contests to engage and excite your followers. Check out why we are #ContestMarketing. Read More

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Contests and the Law

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Contests Create Content

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Want to Run an Online Contest?

What kind of contest is best? Well, that always depends on your goals. Depending on how difficult entering your contest is can be a major factor in your overall entries.
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Raven5 - Experts in Contests & Sweepstakes

Who are we and what do we do? We're experts in Contests & Sweepstakes. Read More

September 3, 2015 Jesse 677 Views

Online Contests? What’s that?

Social media has changed the way companies run contests. The way to generate a great amount of excitement towards your brand can be as easy as running a photo or video contest - not only encouraging people to share and get your brand out to their networks, but also to receive a little positive light from the act of making your contest fun or exciting. Read More

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Social Contests – A Perfect Fit

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Banner Ads - what to do?

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RAVEN5 is the World's First Contest Marketing Agency.

RAVEN5 specializes in contests, sweepstakes and promotions management. We work with advertising and marketing agencies, public relations firms and brands of all sizes.

Why run a contest?

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build email lists
  • Develop social following
  • Collect consumer data
  • Distribute coupons

All of this ads up to finding and developing new leads!

You could win a prize for simply contacting us.

We’re waiting to hear about your upcoming sweepstakes, contest or promotion. Whether you’re still planning or ready to build, we can help. Give us an opportunity to serve you and you’ll see what an all-in-one shop can do. And hey, because we’re all about contests, we’ll draw a random name from all inquiries each month to win a $100 Starbucks Gift Card.

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