February 9, 2017 Michael 768 Views

Content Programs - Still in the Mix

Many brands overlook content marketing as they only see the costs associated with it as opposed to the various benefits. Mike outlines why content marketing is still essential when it comes to building your brand and staying in the mix. Read More

September 6, 2013 Michael 1924 Views

Content or Ka-ching?

Bick discusses content marketing and provides some tips to consider when starting out with a content strategy. Read More

July 10, 2013 Jaclyn 1209 Views

Content Marketing 101

Raven5 shares an article by Inbound Marketing Agents and provides some insight into the top 5 content marketing trends happening right now. Read More

May 12, 2011 Michael 5898 Views

Blog Thoughts

Bickerton provides insight into you and your blog as well as reviews some concepts provided by Hubspot. Your digital agency should be able to help you with your blog and blog strategy. Read More

March 24, 2011 Michael 2050 Views

Social Media - getting found

Getting found online is critical to your business success, Bickerton provides some tips to assist you in your social media journey. Read More

February 22, 2011 Michael 2302 Views

Blog - Reputation & Credibility

Blogs add to your reputation and credibility, Bickerton provides some insight into blogs and blogging. Read More

December 16, 2010 Michael 2572 Views

Blogs - Soapbox for the Masses

Soapbox of the masses or one mans opinion, Bickerton provides thoughts on blogs and information on Technorati. Read More

August 11, 2010 Michael 2626 Views

What is a Blog?

Blogs are one of the first social marketing tools. As your digital agency we are providing a general definition. Read More

July 16, 2010 Michael 2332 Views

Who Runs This Thing?

Thoughts on the internet and areas that it operates within. Read More

June 9, 2010 Michael 2299 Views

Are You Watching?

Are you watching and listening to the conversation? Read More

RAVEN5 is the World's First Contest Marketing Agency.

RAVEN5 specializes in contests, sweepstakes and promotions management. We work with advertising and marketing agencies, public relations firms and brands of all sizes.

Why run a contest?

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build email lists
  • Develop social following
  • Collect consumer data
  • Distribute coupons

All of this ads up to finding and developing new leads!

You could win a prize for simply contacting us.

We’re waiting to hear about your upcoming sweepstakes, contest or promotion. Whether you’re still planning or ready to build, we can help. Give us an opportunity to serve you and you’ll see what an all-in-one shop can do. And hey, because we’re all about contests, we’ll draw a random name from all inquiries each month to win a $100 Starbucks Gift Card.

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